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Danganronpa: The Animation Episode 11 English Dub

Added: September 13, 2013

After conducting their investigation, during which Byakuya has Makoto investigate Kyouko's room, the class trial begins. Byakuya accuses Kyouko, who has no alibi, but she curiously brings up evidence that effectively negates Makoto's alibi. Believing the cause of Mukuro's death to be a blow to the back of the head, Byakuya points out a locker key found in Kyouko's room, which opens a dojo locker containing steel arrows that could be used as a blunt instrument. Although this appears to be contradicted by the fact Byakuya had the key to Kyouko's room the entire time, Makoto considers the possibility that Kyouko could have used the key she stole from Monokuma. Noticing Kyouko's desparation that she not be found guilty, Makoto decides to believe in her and not reveal her key, questioning the odd nature of the trial. However, Monokuma suddenly declares an abrupt end to the trial, declaring Makoto to be the culprit. Makoto is placed on a conveyor belt leading to a crusher, but he is miraculously saved from being executed, thanks to a virus left behind by Alter Ego, and falls safely into a garbage dump below. Some time later, Kyouko throws herself down the garbage chute to aid Makoto, providing him with food and a means of escape. Kyouko explains how the mastermind had originally intended for Makoto to become the victim, planning to frame her for the murder and have her executed instead. Whilst making their way up a giant ladder, Kyouko states she has regained some of her memories, revealing herself to be the Super High School Level Detective who had come to Hope's Peak Academy to meet her father, the headmaster, who she is not on good terms with. Arriving back inside the academy, Makoto and Kyouko confront Monokuma, calling his bluff that simply executing Makoto again would not prove that hope cannot defeat despair. Thus, they propose a final all-or-nothing class trial with everyone's lives on the line, in which the students must not only determine Mukuro's killer, but also solve all of the mysteries of Hope's Peak Academy.

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