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Danganronpa: The Animation Episode 6 English Dub

Added: August 9, 2013

After the others investigate the newly opened third floor, containing a rec room, an art room and a physics lab, Monokuma announces his next incentive; a cash reward of 10 billion yen to whoever graduates, though nobody seems to fall for it. Afterwards, the gang investigate the bath locker rooms after Aoi mentions seeing Chihiro's ghost the previous night, which turns out to be a laptop she left behind before her death containing an A.I. program called Alter Ego, who offers to help decrypt some files left on the laptop. As Kiyotaka, who has been mortified since Mondo's execution, asks Alter Ego if he blames him for Chihiro's death, he imitates Mondo to give him words of encouragement, which seems to encourage him a bit too much. Alter Ego then shows a curious photo of Leon, Chihiro and Mondo hanging together, which could not have possibly been taking during the time they've known each other. After Kyouko takes precautions following some unhealthy interests from both Kiyotaka and doujin artist Hifumi Yamada, Alter Ego suddenly goes missing, leading Byakuya to suspect that there may be a mole amongst their group. The next morning, Makoto, Kyouko, Aoi and Sakura encounter Celestia, who claims to have been attacked by someone in a robot costume who kidnapped Hifumi. After finding an injured Hifumi in the library and taking him to the infirmary, the gang split into groups to search for the perpetrator, only to return to the infirmary to find Hifumi lying in a pool of blood, with Monokuma's 'corpse discovery' announcement suggesting he has been killed. Makoto rushes to inform the other group, where he learns Kiyotaka has been killed as well. Upon returning to the infirmary, they find Hifumi's body has gone missing, later discovering Kiyotaka's body has disappeared too. Discovering both bodies in the art supply room, Hifumi seemingly comes back to life, stating he may have met everyone before and leaving behind the name 'Yasuhiro' before passing away, at which point the 'corpse discovery' alert plays for a second time.

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