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Danganronpa: The Animation Episode 3 English Dub

Added: July 19, 2013

As the trial begins, swimmer Aoi Asahina testifies that she and martial artist Sakura Oogami witnessed Sayaka enter the kitchen, during which one of the kitchen knives—the murder weapon—went missing. Meanwhile, Kyouko proves Makoto's innocence by pointing out that, since his shower room didn't have a lock, and that he knew it, he wouldn't have needed to dismantle the doorknob to enter. After wondering how the culprit entered the room in the first place, Kyouko presents evidence which reveals Sayaka had purposely invited someone into the room, meaning that she had actually intended to murder someone and pin the crime on Makoto, only to wind up as the victim herself. Remembering the message written in blood, Makoto deduces that "11037" is actually an upside down spelling of "LEON" and accuses baseball star Leon Kuwata of the crime. His guilt is further proven by the method of which the culprit attempted to dispose of the evidence—his now-blood-stained shirt—in a manner only capable of a baseball star. When it is deduced that Leon must have used his own tool set to take apart the doorknob, the class unanimously votes him as the guilty criminal, which is confirmed by Monokuma, who sentences him to death by means of a barrage of a million baseballs. Later that night, Kyouko comes to Makoto's room, theorising that Sayaka may have wrote her dying message in order to protect him.

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